Duke Rudolf I of Upper Bavaria and Pfgf bei Rhein (1294-1317), *Basel 4.10.1274, +England (?) 12.8.1319; m.Nürnberg 1.9.1294 Mechthild von Nassau (*before 1280, +19.6.1323) had issue: (NOTE) NOTE: The Electors Palatine of the Rhine (Kurfürsten von der Pfalz). The non-reigning members of the family were known as Counts Palatine (Pfalzgrafen) of whatever branch they belonged to (Simmern, Neuburg, Sulzbach, Zweibrücken, Birkenfeld, etc) until in 1777 a member of this branch inherited the lands of the last of the junior Wittelsbachs, the Electors of Bavaria, thus re-uniting the two branches after almost 500 years.
Rulers of
Bavaria, Denmark, Rhine Palatinate
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