Yngling family

The main family of early Norwegian kings was founded by one Gudrod Halfdansson Veidelkonge, King of Westfold; m.Asa Haraldsdottir. They were parents of:

Halfdan III "the Black", King of Westfold (830-863), +863/870; 1m: Ragnhild, dau.of King Harald Gullskiegg of Sogn; 2m: Ragnhild, dau.of King Sigurd Hjort Helgasson of Ringerike; by her he was father of:

King Harald I "Fairhair" of Norway (863-930) abdicated, *858/860, +934/940; 1m: Asa Hakonsdotter, dau.of Hakon Ladejarl; 2m: Gyda, dau.of King Eirik of Hoerdeland; 3m: Svanhild, dau.of Eystein, Jarl in Hedemarken; 4m: Snaefried, dau.of Finnen Svase; 5m: Alvhild, dau.of Ring Dagsson of Ringerike; 6m: Pss Ragnhild "the Rich" of Haithabu; He had issue as follows:
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