The House of Reuss

NOTE: Early on, members of the house were appointed Vogts (imperial stewards) of Weida, Gera and Plauen by Emperor Heinrich VI, in whose honor every subsequent male member of the house has been named Heinrich. In modern times the family was divided into two main lines: those descended from Heinrich (*1506, +1572) and those descended from his brother Heinrich (*1530, +1572). The former, the Grafen Reuss zu Greiz, Untergreiz, and Obergreiz, were elevated to princely status in 1778, and its members bore the title Prince[ss] Reuss, ältere Linie, or, sometimes, Prince[ss] Reuss zu Greiz (*Serene Highness). The members of this line were numbered sequentially, the last series beginning with Heinrich I (*1693) and ending with Heinrich XXIV (*1878, +1927). The latter line were the Grafen Reuss zu Gera, zu Schleiz, zu Lobenstein, zu Köstritz and zu Ebersdorf. The members of these branches of this line shared a numbering sequence which began and ended roughly as centuries began and ended. This line achieved princely status in 1806, and its members bore the title Prince[ss] Reuss, jüngere Linie (serene Highness), though they sometimes were referred to by their branch names (e.g., Prince Reuss zu Köstritz). The designation "jüngere Linie" was dropped in 1930.
Last updated 28th July 2003