Bagratuni/Bagrationi family

Ashot "the Blind", constable of Armenia, +761, had issue: NOTE: Contemporary Armenian sources permit to reconstruct a famous "descent from antiquity" to the Bagratids through the Mamikonid dynasty: Samuel II Mamikonid -> ... -> Hmayeak I Mamikonid -> Sahakanoysh of Armenia (m. Hamazasp I Mamikonid) -> St.Sahak I the Great -> St.Nerses the Great -> Bambish of Armenia (m. Athanagenis) -> Chosroes III of Armenia -> Tiridates IV of Armenia -> Chosroes II of Armenia -> Tiridates II of Armenia -> Chosroes I of Armenia -> Vologases V of Parthia -> ... -> King Arshak (ca 200 BC).

One may find a scholarly discussion of further lines leading from the Arsacides to Seleucids and hence to Achaemenids in the book of Charles Settipani, "Nos ancetres de l'Antiquite" (1991).

Last updated 15th August 2003