Nobile Carlo Maria Buonaparte, Nobile Patrizio di Toscana 1769 (by permission of the Archbishop of Pisa), Doctor in Laws at the University of Pisa 27.11.1769, Advocate of the Superior Council of Corsica 11.12.1769, Substitute Procurator of the Roy of France in Ajaccio X.1770, Assessor of the Royal Jurisdiction of Ajaccio II.1771, Deputy of the Nobility in the General States of Corsica 13.9.1771, Member of the Council of the Twelve Nobles of Dila (Western Corsica) V.1772, Deputy of the Nobility of Corsica at the Royal French Court VII.1777, *Ajaccio 27.3.1746, +Montpellier 24.2.1785; m.Ajaccio 7.6.1764 Maria Letizia Ramolino, dau.of Nobile Giovanni Gerolamo Ramolino, Captain of Corse Regiments of Chivalry and Infantry in the Army of the Republic of Genoa, by Nobile Angela Maria Pietrasanta (*Ajaccio 24.8.1750, +Rome 2.2.1836), from 18.5.1804 "Madame Mère de l'Empereur", Imperial Highness; They had issue:
Rulers of
France, Italy and Spain

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